Creating a New Article

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Create Project

To create a new Article on CGarchitect, go to the Features menu and then click the blue Create Article button.  

This will open the Create Article dialog box where you can give your article a name and define the type of article you wish to create.  Articles will be added to the Articles section of your personal profile page.  By default articles will only appear in your profile, however CGarchitect monitors all new article content and features the best and  most interesting ones on our Features secton. 

Edit Article

After you press the blue Create Article, you will come into the the Visual Storyteller interface.  To design your article, simply drag content blocks from the left onto the build area on the right.  You can then add text to your text blocks and drag image(s) onto your image blocks as required. In order to save an article you must have at least one video or one image block.

Edit Image Metadata

Once an image is added to an image block you can edit the metadata for that image by clicking the pencil icon located to the top left of every image.  

Edit Image Dialog Box

When you click the pencil icon on any image you can enter the name of the image and the image credit.

Article Details

Once you have finished designing your article you can press Save and this will keep a draft of your article in your profile for later editing. If you would like to proceed to the Article Details phase to finalize your Article, click the Continue button or the Articles Details breadcrumb.

On the Article Details page you can enter in an Article Description, an Article Thumbnail and add any image metadata you did not add in the previous step.  Articles are always published under your personal name set up in your Personal Info section of your User Profile.  If you would like articles to appear under your company name or under another name, you will need to use the Display Name field in your user profile.

To Preview your article at this point, press save and then the Preview link just under the Publish button.  

When you are ready to publish your project simply press the blue Publish button and your Project will be live.  At any time a Published Project can be Unpublished by clicking the Unpublish button or removed from CGarchitect by clicking the Delete button.

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