My Personal Profile

Your Personal Profile is your public landing page for all of your CGarchitect content and what you like most. This is where employers can learn more about you, browse your creative works, and where you can showcase your studios's best imagery.

How to Access your Personal Profile

You can access your personal profile in the top right drop down menu of the site. Just select  My personal Profile

How to Edit your Personal Profile

You can edit your personal profile in the top right drop down menu of the site. Just select  EditProfile

Your Personal Profile

The right sidebar of your user profile contains information about you, your website, social media, website links, awards and the company you work for as well as your Industry Impact Score.

Your Content

 The centre of your Personal Profile contacts thumbnails of all of the work you have submitted, curated and liked on the site.

Projects: This section shows all of projects you have uploaded to CGarchitect (both visualization projects and Other Artistic Works)

Articles: Any articles that you have written will be published to your personal profile.  CGarchitect reviews all new content publishes and will feature the very best and most interesting content on our homepage.  

Boards: Any public Boards, that you have curated, will show up under the Boards section of your personal profile.  Private Boards will only be accessible from the My Boards section of your drop down profile menu. (top right of the site).

Likes: Any content that you like on the site using the "Appreciate" button or by swiping right on an image in the Swipe Browser will show up in the Likes section of your personal profile. 

 Industry Impact Score

Your Industry Impact Score is displayed at the bottom right of your user profile.  This score is a reflection of how much you have given back to the community and what the community thinks of your work.  For full details about how this score is increase and affected, check out our Industry Impact Score page.


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