What is Your Industry Impact Score?

The entire CGarchitect platform is built upon a system to help determine which users and studios  give back the most to their community.  A community by its very definition is one that supports others and shares knowledge.  CGarchitect has always tried to help elevate artists and the industry, so we want to rewards those that do the same.

Why does my Industry Impact Score matter?

Your score is a reflection of how much you give back to the arch viz community and what your peers think of your work.  Higher impact scores contribute to to getting more exposure on the platform, employers can gauge passion and involvement in the field, and some functionality on the site is unlocked based on your score.  Your score also impacts how much weight your opinion carries on the platform when you provide feedback.

Points vs Percentage?

The points you earn will keep growing infinitely as long as your are engaging with the community. The percentage score is a reflection of your score as a relates to all of the other members of CGarchitect.  Having a 100% score means you have the highest score on the site.  Your percentage score can go both up and down depending upon how engaged your are with the community and how engages others are.  If you stop giving back, there is a good change your percentage score will decrease.

What contributes to my score?

Almost every action on the site is measured and can contribute to your industry impact score. We measure over 40 different metrics as part of a complex algorithm to determine your score.

User Profile
Having a fully completed user profile or a Pro Plan will increase your score.

Winning awards on the site or having your work featured by CGarchitect will increase your score.

Contributing content, submitting to the 3Dawards, liking others work, providing feedback on others work, posting jobs, applying for jobs, and curating others work on boards are all examples of things that increase your score. There are many more factors that can impact your score, but the more you give back to the community, the more you are rewarded.
In addition when you contribute content, you gain additional points when others like, share, view or comment upon your work. The better your work and the more often you contribute the higher your score can go.

Quality Score
Your Industry reputation score also increases the impact you have when you provide feedback on others work. A like or comment from a lower scored profile has less impact than a profile with a higher score.

Verified Accounts
CGarchitect, based on merit, will award a verified status to certain studios and individuals. Being awarded a verified status increases your industry impact score and the weight of your feedback. A verified status is only awarded to those who have the highest quality work in the industry and/or those who have contributed significantly to the field of visualization.

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