Platform Overview

The new CGarchitect platform has many new features. We've highlighted a few of them below, but please be sure to browse around and see what's new!

Accounts and User Profiles

The heart of the new CGarchitect platform is your personal and company profile. Be sure to complete this 100% as it will unlocked features on the site. And it will boost your Industry Impact Score! While the new site has more functionality than our old site included free of charge, we have also introduced new Subscription Plans to unlock even more functionality on our site.

Discover (Projects)

The Discover section of our platform is our engagement platform where artists and studios around the world can showcase their work and projects using our new Visual Story BuilderTM

Features (Articles)

All of the great industry content you have come to expect from CGarchitect can be found in our Features section, but you can now contribute your own content directly as well.  All new content will be immediately published to your personal profile.  CGarchitect will also feature and reward the best content on our homepages.

Recruiting and Jobs Platform

Using your image and article portfolio you can now apply for jobs with some of the top studios in the world.  Studio owners now have access to the most powerful recruiting tools in the industry, including our proprietary Job Applicant CRM.


Accessed from your Profile Menu, we now have a new communications platform that lets you know when someone interacts with your content and allows you to communicate with other users.

AI Powered Features

We have integrated a great deal of AI into the platform.  All image content is passed through our exclusive visual AI tagging system to tag your images for you.  We have also integrated AI powered search that is the most powerful arch viz search engine in the world.

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