Publishing Projects Personally vs as a Company

When you publish projects you can publish them under your personal name, your company name or as both.  In order to publish under your company name you must have a Company Page set up in your User Profile.  Company pages can only be set up if you are the owner of that company or you are the authorized representative for the company that manages the Company page.

While Creating a New Project you can select the profile(s) to publish under in the Publish Under box in Project Details section.

We always recommend that you set up a Company Page to publish Projects under your company.  Using the Display Name field in the Personal Info section of your User Profile is not the intended method to publish projects as a Company.  Creating a Company page allows you to showcase information about your company, to showcase all of the company work you have published, list your company job openings and to list CGarchitect members working for your company.
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