Migrating from the Old Site


 Reset Your Password

If you had an account on on our old site, you will be able to log in with that same account here too.  You will just need to reset your password first.


 Account Verification

All accounts on CGarchitect now need to be verified by connecting your LinkedIn or Facebook account.  We are doing this to reduce the chances of spam and fake accounts. We have tried many things over the years and we think this will be the most effective solution.


 Complete your User Profile

CGarchitect works best when your User Profile is 100% complete. Many features on the site require your profile to be complete in order to be activated.


 Accessing your Existing Content

Any content you uploaded to CGarchitect in the past has been migrated to the new platform and you can find it in the My Projects section of the Profile Menu. Feel free to edit, update and add projects.

The new site has many new features, so please take a few minutes to browse around and experiment. CGarchitect is no longer just a website, it is now online AI powered software application for the arch viz industry. We have created this help section to guide your learning and answer your questions.

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