FAQ: I Can't Reset my Password

Scenario 1: You are receiving a message that says "We weren't able to reset your password"

This error message means you do not have an account on CGarchitect.  When we migrated users to the new site, we deleted any account that did not have existing uploads or site content.  You just need to create a new account.

Scenario 2: Your account uses a password you no longer have access to 

If your existing account uses an email address you can no longer access to reset your password, or you just are not getting your email verification link, please contact us and we can assist you.  Just use the Get Help button at the lower right of the page and click Ask -> Email

Scenario 3: You are using a Group email account

If you are using a group email account, you need to make sure the group can accept messages from sources outside your organization, or you need to allow the cgarchitect.com domain to send messages to your group.  Alternately, use an email address that can accept all emails.

Scenario 4: The account reset email is in your spam folder

Be sure to check your spam folder for the account email reset email if you did not receive it.  While it's rare for this to happen, always a good idea to check.

Scenario 5: Something broke on the internet and you simply did not get the email

Please contact us and we can assist you.  Just use the Get Help button at the lower right of the page and click Ask -> Email.  Please email us using the email on your account.  If your email address is not your company email, please send us some sort of validation that you work in the industry.

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